A firm of architects with special expertise in designing garden centres is expanding its boundaries - the firm has been working on the design and development of garden centres within the European market under the name of "Breddels & De Rijcke". The extensive expertise gained with Dutch garden centres attracted attention from abroad and is now also employed elsewhere in Europe, under the direction of Fred de Rijcke.

Designing a good garden centre requires special expertise. Garden centres are often large-scale projects, combining practical issues such as routing, logistics and a specific indoor climate with sustainability and an attractive appearance for the shopping public. These complex challenges bring out the strengths of Breddels & De Rijcke. Professionalism, expertise and clear communication are central, both before and during the design process.

Fred de Rijcke has been at the head of "Breddels Architecten" since 2008, together with Paul Breddels. More than 600 projects have been realised to date; from small-scale to extensive, from renovation work to new build, and includes schools, housing projects, commercial premises, shopping centres, sports facilities and many garden centres. "Breddels Architecten" creates distinguished solutions using appropriate and natural materials, whilst maintaining an eye for detail and finishing. As with all design, human scale and flexibility are vital elements. And when the natural environment and the building process complement each other this produces a rich source of inspiration - always with a focus on function, context, sustainability and environment.

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